Richard is a BAFTA and Royal Television Society award-winning producer, with over 26 years’ industry experience. Originally from the UK, he graduated from the University of Bristol with an Honours Degree in Drama, specialising in Film and Television



Richard began his career running scripts at Independent Television News (ITN) in London and spent ten years there on Channel 4 News, becoming a Producer and Foreign News Editor. He travelled widely, producing stories throughout Europe, Russia, the Balkans, Saudi Arabia and Iran. While working on the program he won the RTS Journalism Production Award, for a short film he made with photojournalist David Modell, on the sectarian divide in Northern Ireland.

As a freelancer he has made numerous documentaries for CNN, RTE and Channel 4, including the critically acclaimed and award-winning Young, Nazi and Proud. He won a BAFTA for this, as well as an Indie Award and was shortlisted for a Grierson and RTS Award. Richard was a producer on the BBC4 revival of the legendary late night Channel 4 discussion show, After Dark, which The Guardian had described as “One of the most inspired and effective uses of airtime yet devised”.

In Australia he worked principally for Andrew Denton’s production company, Zapruder’s other films, but has produced programs for a range of broadcasters, including the ABC, SBS, Channel Seven, Channel Ten and The Comedy Channel. His credits include Insight, Hungry Beast, Balls of Steel, Randling, Can of Worms, Legally Brown, The Roast and The Full Brazilian.

At LiveLab, Richard oversees all production and serves as Executive Producer on each project. He’s always on the lookout for new opportunities to collaborate and to develop closer industry links. Having worked with many young, emerging professionals, he’s a firm believer that their fresh eyes and ideas are essential to rejuvenate the industry and keep it relevant.


LiveLab can draw on the expertise of Griffith Film School staff, who bring a wealth of experience across all our platforms: screen production, animation and games.


The reason LiveLab exists. Our students gain invaluable opportunities to cut their teeth in industry while you get the chance to work with fast-emerging talent and fresh creative minds.

While they are not fully fledged professionals we see them as being on the first rung of their career ladders. In return we expect reliability, attention to detail and a desire to excel. Recent students we’ve worked with are listed below.


Mary Duong is a Brisbane-based filmmaker specialising in sound, currently enrolled in the Master of Screen Production at Griffith Film School. She graduated from the Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production in 2014. Focussed on developing her own creative narrative voice, Mary revels in the ability to evoke emotion and tell stories through audio.

She has worked on a number of successful short films such as Sailboats (Rachel Anderson, 2013), City Crush (Mia Forrest, 2015) and Little Kingdom (Rachel Anderson, 2015). She won the Most Outstanding Sound Recording and Design Award at the Master’s Showcase in 2016 for Little Kingdom.

Recently, Mary has developed a keen interest in web content, creating and writing Two Weeks (Fortnight Films and LiveLab) and sound designing Hitstroke FM (Humdrum Comedy). With Two Weeks, Mary has been able to explore her interest in scriptwriting and develop skills within the production side of filmmaking. She endeavours to tell the stories that she's been waiting to hear, while exploring what the internet has to offer storytellers.

Mary is passionate about fostering a career in sound and film; she looks forward to building upon her knowledge and skill set with each project. Her lifelong dream is to work at Skywalker Sound but until then, she won’t get cocky.


Stephanie has loved film editing from a very young age, even before she knew what it was! As a young child she would watch movies on mute and attempt to match music to what was happening in the scene. Who knew that she would grow up to use these skills in her studies and work!

Throughout her school life, Steph always enjoyed making films for class and for fun. She particularly enjoyed the control and creativity that came with the editing side of filmmaking. Steph would often dig through the family computers for holiday footage to edit, if all her personal footage had been used already. This resulted in some hilarious ‘remixed’ family videos. Her love of film carried on into high school where she relished the drama and film classes. She also participated in Toowoomba’s own Origin8 film festival many times.

Knowing that she wanted to pursue editing, Steph enrolled at Griffith Film School and has put her hand up for every editing role she could get her hands on. Her favourite achievements so far have been the short film ‘Lukewarm’ and the Griffith Film School web series ‘A Hard Pill To Swallow’. For LiveLab she worked on the James C Sourris Collection Interview Series.

Steph spent several years in the UK as a child which meant most of her favourite films and tv shows are British. Her biggest influences are comedy show such as ‘The Office’, ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’, ‘Green Wing’ and ‘Black Books’ - to name a few. She hopes to become a full time editor on TV shows with huge cult followings.


Rhiannon got a taste of the film and media industry while working abroad as a transcription typist and translator for magazines including German Vogue. After returning to Australia, she commenced studies at Griffith Film School, which saw her take on many projects as producer and assistant director, allowing her to really explore her passion for filmmaking.

Over the course of her time in the industry, she has successfully produced many corporate productions alongside entities such as LiveLab, music videos for local artists and short films including A New You (2013), which saw international success, screening at over 12 film festivals worldwide including Flickerfest, Palm Springs International Short Fest, IFFCA, and Cannes Short Film Corner. Rhiannon currently divides her time between working at the long-established and well-respected post-production facility, The Post Lounge, as well as collaborating with various talented individuals within the Brisbane film industry as a freelance producer. She believes the key to effective producing is finding the happy medium between a creative and business mindset and it is this balance that she strives to bring to her latest project, the web series Two Weeks.


After graduating from the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries, Ynte chose to attend Griffith Film School to further develop his skills as a filmmaker. It was there that he found his niche as a producer, and since 2014 has continued to develop his skills by producing nearly every project he has been involved in at film school.

In 2015 Ynte produced a short award-winning documentary about the importance of family, Kindred. In December of that year he went on exchange to the United Kingdom where he worked with students at Falmouth University to produce a short musical film A Sharp Glance.

2016 saw Ynte produce his graduate film, Scan Lines, while also producing a series of dramatic shorts under LiveLab for the Griffith BA Musical Theatre program. Currently, Ynte works part time at TheStoryBoxes in Newstead while completing his third year studies and hopes to develop his skills as a creative producer further after he graduates.


With a strong passion for storytelling, Reilly’s interest in directing and editing piqued while studying filmmaking at high school. Fascinated by the possibilities and emotional power of the medium, his next step was Griffith Film School, where he is set to graduate in 2016.

Working in both directing and editing, Reilly’s specialties inform one another. Involving himself with every stage of the creative process, he has a keen eye for structure and detail, and is dedicated to delivering a slick finished product. Outside of university, Reilly has had experience in corporate video with clients such as the University of Queensland, as well as local music videos and feature films. His work on documentary short Kindred has won awards for editing, and black comedy Lukewarm, which he wrote and directed is set to enter the festival circuit this year.


Taylor has been interested in filmmaking since the age of 16, when she started taking classes in high school. 2016 sees her undertaking her final year of study at Griffith Film School. Her passion is for cinematography, as well as working in lighting department and writing from time to time.

In 2015, Taylor made a documentary about her family which won her an award for best writing within the university. In the same year, she started her own production company along with a few fellow students and started to branch out into small-time corporate work. An area of interest that she maintains is short-form documentary, which carries into her work for local businesses. Taylor hopes to continue in 2016 as a cinematographer for as many projects as possible.

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Liam's passion for filmmaking and storytelling goes back to when he first discovered the behind-the-scenes extras on Wallace & Gromit, which he constantly re-watched for years. To date his efforts have branched from short films into documentaries, music videos and creative corporate content. Liam has also assisted Hobart-based commercial studio, Hype TV. He hopes to move into a future where he can help create stories that slowly usher in a more diverse environment in the local industry, both on camera and behind.

In 2015, Liam co-edited, recorded and designed sound for the 30 minute hip hop documentary Straight Outta Logan for LiveLab in conjunction with BEMAC.

In 2016, Liam edited his first music video for newcomer Brisbane band SERA and worked for LiveLab again on the Fruit Ninja Nation videos, editing a short doco about the upcoming animated series as well as directing and writing a cute short film called Ninja Gal, which has slowly gained attention on the Fruit Ninja YouTube Channel. For the graduate slate, Liam's primary focus is editing and animating the intimate documentary Wolfe, which aims to present a very personal and honest insight into mental health.


As the largest film school in Australia, it’s no surprise that Griffith has a huge pool of graduates working throughout the screen production, animation and games industries.

LiveLab builds links with many of them; some of them just starting to develop their professional portfolios, some with considerably more experience. All of the ones we work with are selected because they have the skills, experience and creativity needed to supervise our projects, and we trust them to deliver.

It’s an organic way of forging new industry connections, where we provide mentors to our students and local work for Queensland-based professionals.

Some recent graduates who’ve worked with us are listed below.


As an emerging Brisbane-based writer, director, and producer, Dean's films have garnered attention for a fast-paced and visually aggressive filmmaking style designed to pull the audience through a narrative kicking and screaming. Heavily influenced by filmmakers like Danny Boyle, David Fincher, and Martin Scorsese, his films explore themes of sexuality and gender, with a heavy emphasis on deconstructions of toxic masculinity. All of this was best exemplified by his 2013 short Cigarettes, and the upcoming O.

As a 2011 graduate of Griffith Film School's undergraduate program, Dean launched his career with a string of festivals and film markets across the globe, exposing him to the realities of the international film trade and allowing him the opportunity to forge relationships with industry leaders. All the while he has maintained strong ties to Griffith, where he currently teaches as a sessional lecturer, mentors students as a project supervisor for Livelab, and is currently undertaking a Masters degree.


Leticia and Lauren are L&L Film Productions, a Brisbane based production duo. 2014 alumni, the pair decided to create the company before graduation so that they had a platform to create in once they left Griffith.

L&L is now a flourishing young company that prides itself on the personal touch it brings to projects and its unique perspective on narrative.

L&L recently produced a music video for X-factor contestant Ben Oddie, as well as a clip for Melbourne band 'North East Party House' which received a notable writeup in Rolling Stone magazine. They are working on a continuing project with Gold Coast Health which they are both very passionate about, and do multiple projects for, and with, Griffith University.


Erin’s love for screen production grew in her final year at high school. She’d always enjoyed film, television and photography, but a deep curiosity and intrigue developed for cinematography and filmmaking. That led her to Griffith Film School, from where she graduated at the end of 2015.

Her proudest moment to date was watching the music video she shot, Slacks by St. South, being showcased across England (Triple J called called the video “as serenely beautiful as the song. It's part David Lynch, part Virgin Suicides…”). The video also won Erin the student category at the LA Music Video Festival in 2014. She shot LiveLab’s ‘O Week’ and 'First Semester' films, crewed on the live recording of Songs for Sarah: A Love Story, Terminated, at QPAC, and is already establishing herself as an impressive DoP within Brisbane.

Her biggest influences in cinematography are Robert Yeoman, Roger Deakins, Reed Morano and Steven Soderbergh but there’s nothing she loves more than watching an Australian-made television drama series shot by John Brawley. One day soon she hopes to be working alongside all the people who have made her favourite shows come to life and keep quality Australian productions thriving. See more of Erin’s work at


Ben developed a love for cinematography while studying film and photography in high school and went on to be accepted into a Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production at Griffith Film School. After completing his undergraduate degree Ben was then accepted into the Australian Film Television and Radio School where he undertook a Graduate Diploma in Cinematography.

Along the way Ben’s work has won a number of awards, including a Gold award at the 2015 National Australian Cinematographer's Society Awards. Other awards include Best Cinematography at the Origin8 Fast Film Festival, Best Cinematography at the Bond University Film and Television Awards (BUFTA) and awards at the Warner Roadshow Studios Queensland New Filmmakers Awards.

Ben is passionate about the creative process and bringing a director's vision to life. For Ben the opportunity to work with creatively charged people to create inspiring stories through light and motion is both thrilling and aspirational.

Ben has shot countless short dramatic films with experience as a cinematographer on TVCs, music videos and dramatised documentary. Although his formative years were spent in Brisbane, these days he calls both Brisbane and Sydney home.


Curtis has always had a deep fondness for the arts, ­ especially theatre, where he has contributed in both technical crew and orchestral capacities. In high school he was encouraged to follow his passion for filmmaking so that he could combine his technical and musical backgrounds.

Curtis decided to enrol at Griffith Film School in order to further his knowledge in film production and obtain 'on ­set' experience to propel him into the local industry. In his time at GFS, Curtis worked for clients such as the Department of Education and Training, Queensland College of Art Queensland Conservatorium, and worked on local film and television productions as a result of his contacts and experience at Griffith. Since graduating he has worked on sound the LiveLab's Student Success series of films


After his passion for film was sparked in high school, Callum enrolled in Griffith Film School in order to gain greater knowledge and experience in the many areas of filmmaking. It was here at that he began to develop his craft as an editor, being involved in a number of projects for LiveLab as well as editing two short films from the 2015 graduate slate.

As an editor, Callum’s skillset spans across post production, having experience in a number of editing systems such as Adobe Premiere and Avid as well as other software including DaVinci Resolve, Photoshop and After Effects. Aside from editing, Callum loves being involved in production and working on set, being a keen camera assistant.

Recently, Callum has seen success in two LiveLab projects that he was involved in: the 'First Semester' video series released through Griffith University social media outlets; and the 'Living With Autism: Ky's Story' short film which garnered significant media attention, sending a strong message about autism awareness.


LiveLab also develops relationships with a number of other professionals with more substantial careers behind then - who often are Griffith graduates too - to provide essential supervision, act as mentors and bring an added layer of skill and creativity to a project.


Brisbane-based Indigenous filmmaker Douglas Watkin was born in Cairns, Far North Queensland. His broadcasting and filmmaking career began in television doing small news reports and producing various corporate videos, and has progressed to feature films, broadcast series and multimedia works for a range of clients and audiences. Douglas has been actively working in the film and television industry for over twenty years, including producing and directing multiple series for ABC and NiTV.

As a filmmaker and storyteller, Douglas has produced various short documentaries, feature documentaries, corporate videos and interactive web based applications. His most recent work is the feature documentary ELLA which premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2016 and recently at CinefestOZ WA.


Amelia has worked on a number of projects for LiveLab, including the Fruit Ninja Nation series for Halfbrick Studios. She graduated from Griffith Film School in 2008 so has a good sense of what our students' experience is. Since then she has worked in documentary research and development across a range of productions and in 2012 obtained a Graduate Diploma of Journalism.

In late 2014 Amelia completed her directional debut, ‘Crack Up’ for ABC2 with WildBear Entertainment, which won the United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Award for Promotion of Disability Rights and Issues. Amelia continues to develop her own projects as well as work with other producers to research, write and develop new documentary concepts.


Steve is a professional music and sound artist.
After years of music performance with touring bands and as a session guitarist on many albums, soundtracks and jingles Steve partnered in the design and construction of the iconic Rhinoceros Recordings, Sydney. Moving to Hollywood for a year, Steve undertook a Diploma of Professional Guitar at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology).

On return to Sydney, composing TV and radio jingles and programme music for ABC TV and some AFTRS student films, led to a short contract with ABC Radio in programme sales then to the position of Label Manager, ABC Music. Overseeing the release of 60 albums per year from the Children’s, Country, Spoken Word, Jazz and Triple J labels, including establishing the Hottest 100 series, whilst also working part time as a Music Therapist for NSW Department of Health was a busy time.
After relocating to Brisbane in 1999 Steve worked as a casual studio consultant, audio engineer and sound technician at QPAT (Queensland Performing Arts Trust) and released the first of his 4 CDs of original music, performed voice-overs for radio, TV and web and developed further music production, engineering and CD mastering skills. In 2006 Steve received a professional development grant from Arts Queensland to attend guitar master classes with Pierre Bensusan in France.
Often working closely with playwright, director, filmmaker Teone Reinthal Steve has been a location recorder, sound designer & composer for over 80 films, TV & radio commercials & live theatre shows.
Whilst teaching guitar and music at ACPA (Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts) Brisbane Steve undertook further studies at GFS and graduated with MA Hons Media Production and has been lecturing in Sound Recording and Design at GFS since 2008, as convenor since 2014 and supervising the re-recording of over 100 graduate and postgraduate films.


Stewart is a freelance corporate and commercial video producer and photographer with near 20 years' experience, as well as a lecturer at Griffith Film School since 2009. He has produced work for federal, state and council projects; venues including QPAC and Qld Museum; not-for-profits including Surf Lifesaving Qld, Red Cross, Deaf Services Qld; companies including Apple and Courier Mail; emergency services Melbourne Fire Brigade, Mater Private Hospital, the Army Reserves; as well as a multitude of work for small businesses.

He began in radio in Melbourne with an apprenticeship as a program producer, copywriter and announcer with 3RPH. Simultaneously, he also undertook a weekend apprenticeship in wedding videography and photography, eventually graduating to shoot over 400 weddings. Within the Melbourne television industry, he also worked as a freelance runner/set dresser initially in Crawford Productions, then the ABC, GTV9, as well as Beyond Productions and Simpson Le Mesurier Films amongst others.

Moving to Brisbane in the late 90s, he continued producing small corporate videos and photography while studying a Bachelor of Screen Production at the Queensland College of Art (now Griffith Film School), eventually graduating with a Master of Arts in Visual Arts. He served some time in Photon Stockman, learning and working with the Milo motion control camera rig in Warner Bros studios, as well as working on a number of independent documentaries, shorts and features in various capacities. He has also worked in a voluntary capacity with ASDA (now ADG) Qld, ACS Qld, AFTRS Qld and Qpix.

In 2009, Stewart joined the Griffith Film School as a sessional lecturer, largely in post production and has co-developed and co-convened courses throughout his time with the school.

A self confessed generalist, Stewart enthusiastically enjoys the interaction with his students passing on his experience and technique, with an ever present dash of oddball humour.


Sean co-founded award-winning production company Squareyed Films where he directed music videos for many of Australia's most acclaimed musicians, including Missy Higgins, Silverchair, The Sleepy Jackson, Evermore, The Living End, Tim Finn and Little Birdy. He also co-directed music documentaries for artists including The Go-Betweens and George.

Squareyed Films produced over 40 music videos and earned five ARIA Award nominations, while short films Stanley Ovation P.I. and The Irving Hand Prophecy also won a bag of accolades and screened locally and internationally. Sean continued to create stunning music videos at Blacklab International for Birds of Tokyo and Gin Wigmore, clips which have accumulated millions of views on YouTube. Sean's feature documentary, Fantome Island, screened at The Brisbane International Film Festival, won Best Australian Film at the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and the Queensland State Library John Oxley Memory Award as well as screening widely. Sean is currently in production of his gothic horror short film "Ruby".

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